Executive Committee

The Executive Committee, comprised of 4 officers (President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer and 5 Directors, is responsible for administering the day-to-day activities of the Association and act upon matters on the Association’s behalf.


Barbara Sylvestre-Williams, P.Eng., M.A.Sci.

Barbara is a Professional Engineer in the field of environmental engineering and air pollution control engineering with 20 years of experience. She performed numerous studies relating to environmental modelling, worked with various clients and stakeholders, as well as various provincial bodies across Canada. She specializes in advanced dispersion models, holds a Master of Applied Science degree, published in various scientific journals, and presented at numerous conferences.


Amalia Rey-McIntyre, P.Eng.
Vice President

Amalia is currently a Design and Contracts Standards Engineer at the Ministry of Transportation. She has over 9 years of experience in the OPS in a wide variety of roles, thanks to the Engineering Development Program. She has previously served two terms as a Director for PEGO, contributing to two rounds of collective agreement negotiations. Over the years, Amalia has held senior leadership positions (President and Treasurer) for multiple local organizations and charities including PEO, WEAO and United Way.


Keli Kornylo, P.Eng.

Keli is currently a Claims Engineer Negotiator with the Ministry of Transportation in the Contract Claims Office. Prior to joining the OPS, she has extensive experience in the construction, mining, and consulting industries. She holds a Bachelor of Engineering (Civil) from Lakehead University and has held many supervisory roles including co-owner, manager and a President of a small business in the hospitality industry in the 20 years prior to obtaining her degree. Over the course of her career, she has been the Secretary, Treasurer, and Secretary/Treasurer of various clubs and associations.


Samera Fares, P.Eng.


Abby Salb, M.Sc, P.Eng

Abby is the air modelling engineer at MECPs Environmental Monitoring and Reporting Branch, and is the technical lead for both internal and external guidance related to air dispersion modelling and meteorology. She is currently on secondment as an Engineering Specialist – Air standards and Risk Management in the Environmental Permissions Branch, assisting in the development of regulatory frameworks and industrial air pollution control requirements for Site Specific Air Standards, and Industrial/Technical Standards. Abby has over 9 years of experience at the MECP as a proud member of PEGO in addition to 15 years as a private consultant specializing in air quality.

For the past 5 years (4 of them as President) Abby has participated on an Executive Board of a Youth Not-for-profit sports association with over 200 members.

Abby is married with 2 children and her spouse is an OLS in the private sector.


Jaime Vandenburg, MSc., P.Eng.

Jaime is a Senior Bridge Engineer working in the Bridge Office at the Ministry of Transportation Ontario (MTO). In her position she designs, evaluates, and inspects structures as well as develops structure related guidelines and policies. She spent her early career in the MTO’s Engineering Development Program and has held temporary assignments in the various engineering and construction offices in London, Toronto, and St. Catharines. Previously, she was a PEGO Delegate for 6 years. Her goals in her new position as Director are to help create and support efficiencies in PEGO’s finances and improve PEGO’s policies on matters pertaining to self-governance.


Nihar Bhatt, P.Eng.

Nihar is currently working as a Senior Air Engineer with the Environmental Permissions Branch at the Ministry of the Environment, Conservation and Parks (MECP) and has been a PEGO member since 2006. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Engineering and started with the OPS through the MECP’s Engineering Development Program. In nearly 14 years in the MECP, Nihar has worked in a wide variety of the engineering positions in areas such as environmental permissions, standards development, program development and compliance.

First elected to the Executive Committee in 2015 and currently in his third term as PEGO Director, Nihar has worked on enhancing the workplace for members including Alternate Work Arrangements, improvements in governance of the MECP EDP as well as grassroots member involvement and education. Nihar has also contributed to various internal and external PEGO committees including I&IT, Constitution and By-laws, PCERC, MECP PMERC (as co-chair) and Bargaining.


Vanessa Odaimi, P.Eng., PMP

Vanessa is a Professional Engineer as well as a Project Management Professional who has over 17 years of combined experience in the private sector and the OPS. Her OPS engineering and project management experience spans over 4 ministries (Ministry of Health, Ministry of Transportation, Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sports, and the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing. She has been a PEGO member since 2010 and a Delegate for MMA prior to volunteering as a PEGO Director. She possesses a deep understanding of the culture within the OPS and intends to use that knowledge to benefit PEGO.


Tudor Nisioiu, O.L.S.
OLS Director

Tudor is a Professional Ontario Land Surveyor (OLS) with over 24 years of experience and has been working with MTO-Geomatics in Thunder Bay since 2011 (where he is the Health & Safety representative). A team player who advocates for fairness and democracy, he has been with the PEGO Executive since 2018 and was actively engaged with the bargaining process in 2019.

Tudor is a past chair (of 3 years) of the Ontario Land Surveyors Northwestern Regional Group and since 2017, an executive board member with the Thunder Bay Community Tennis Centre. He is a family man with two teenagers and is passionate about work-life balance, actively engaging in a variety of sports in his spare time.