George Collins, P.Eng.


George Collins

George has worked as a Senior Structural Engineer for the Eastern Region of the Ontario Ministry of Transportation (MTO) for the past six years. He became a licenced engineer 15 years ago upon completing a Bachelor of Applied Science at the University of Waterloo.

Within the Eastern Region, George is responsible for overseeing 308 highway bridges, 158 structural culverts, 27 retaining walls and 85 overhead signs. He coordinates the inspection and maintenance for all of these structures and fully participates in the planning and design of their eventual rehabilitation or replacement.

Since joining the Ministry in 2009, George has been involved in the construction of over 25 new bridges and over 50 major structural rehabilitations. His area of responsibility runs from the Quebec border along Highways 17/417 and the 401 to Petawawa and Prescott, respectively.

George’s area also includes structures on highways 16, 34, 138, 148 and 416 in their entirety and portions of Highways 7, 15, 41, 60 and 132.